When I was in in high school, I paid for things by working as a painter. Watching a simple liquid transform homes was so exciting to me. Just like everyone can raise a paintbrush, anyone can take a picture.

However, getting the job done right in both scenarios requires some level of equipment, creativity and experience. 

I encourage people to be creative and produce content on their own with the camera they have, the imagery that stands in the "entryway" to your website or online storefront needs to welcome your audience. I am a strong believer of the "DIY" mindset, but having the right pictures and videos in the right places can make a tremendous difference in how long people stay on your website. The images need to harmonize with your brand values in a professional, clean and strategic way. 

I create Digital Assets with a long shelf life, that are designed to serve your business for years to come. 

I'd love to chat and see how I can help your business make a great online impression!
Thank you for reaching out. I will get back to you within 2-6 days. If you have additional questions/ urgent need, please call or text me at 425-533-1252. I look forward to talking with you soon.
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