Getting impressions online is getting easier. 
More than 547,200 websites are made globally each day, and far more web pages and content keeps popping up. Even more social media content and accounts are created. 

You need to stand out and speak to your visitors fast. People in general have a very short attention span online.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words...

Your business is the result of a lifetime of learning, and support from family and friends. Just like you dont want your visitors to your home to see the mess of paint drips on pavement, you need a website that is shares your brand message through its content, performance, design, and functionality. 

Unfortunately online, people make the decision to stay or leave your website in 0.05 seconds.

Capturing attention is getting more difficult. 
Pictures are worth 1,000 words because have the potential to make people feel something.

We live in a time where images and video getting much easier to produce, however, the value is going up and up. Never has there been a better time to stand out, not with just high quality video, but content that tells your story, helps people learn, and keeps them engaged. I take pride in the service I provide, and the product I deliver.                                                                 
I strive to create the best product, with minimal changes to what I see as reality.

After spending  hours studying the concepts of light, shape, and color I can help make sure that your website looks it's best for your customers and prospects. 
Let's go make some content for your audience!
Expect a basic proposal within 2-3 days. 
Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me. I will get back to you within 2-6 business days. If you have a more urgent project, feel free to contact my cell phone: 425-533-1252.Best wishes, James
Here is the fine print for people like me, that want to know everything before they decide to contact someone. 
*Half Day is defined as anything under 4 hours. Full Day is defined as under 8 hours. Contact for a better estimate on what it would take to have you get your ideal service within your budget. 
I sell premium Marketing Media. Just like you dont pay your employees just to show up, I get paid to get the job we agreed on done to my highest standard. Prices include sales tax and everything needed to get the job done. If I need to hire additional purchases such as props, ingredients, or staff, an extra fee will be discussed prior to filming. Travel may be billed in addition as well, but will also be decided before the work contract is filled. 

RAW Images/ Video are Legally the Intellectual Property of the Photographer/ Videographer. In order to protect my personal brand, I do not distribute unedited footage/ photographers. Exceptions to this policy are considered only for large projects when collaborating with other media creation professionals.
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